Based in Cape Town,
South Africa

Choose the air you breathe.

CIRRUS helps create environments for humans.

By infusing the air with functional plant compounds, CIRRUS gives us greater control over the ~11’000 litres of air we inhale each day.

Made by plants, for humans.

Air +

CIRRUS infuses the air with functional plant compounds.

Our South African laboratory develops functional plant compounds informed by rigorous research. By releasing these plant compounds into the air, CIRRUS regulates microbial environments and provides our bodies with convenient access to essential nutrients.

Experience our plant compounds with ATMOS,
a modern diffuser for the home, car or workplace.
CIRRUS Organic (50ml) - Functional plant compound



+ Use with diffusers

Our flagship plant compound derived from 10 citrus, spice & botanical ingredients. Studies show that these compounds support the immune system & regulate microbial ecosystems.

The plant compounds are known to:

Virucidal testing at ILAC-accredited laboratories (EN 14476 testing standard) demonstrates that the compound present in CIRRUS Organic inhibits SARS-CoV-2 at log 6.5 log reduction (>99.9999%) after 5-min and log 5.81 log reduction (>99.999%) after 1-min contact time.

Studies show that citrus flavonoids may block cellular attachment of viruses inside the body, as well as to suppress inflammatory cytokines associated with late-stage Covid-19 complications. To find out more about these studies and more, visit our Science page.

Optimise your environment, with CIRRUS.