CIRRUS Products | Warranty & Returns Policy

Diffusers | Product warranty

All of our devices come with a 6-month manufacturers warranty. This covers defects that may have orginated prior to purchase, and does not cover accidental/intentional damage or misuse while within the customer’s care. 

Please note: CIRRUS devices are intended for use with CIRRUS formulations only as they have not been tested with other oils / formulations. Should the customer like to use their own formulations, or oils manufactured by an entity other than CIRRUS (Pty) Ltd or its associates, the customer does so at their own risk, and their warranty will be void.

Should you receive a defective device (i.e. manufacturer defect), we will endeavour to provide a replacement in a timely manner. Should there be any evidence of misuse (intentional or otherwise), indicating a false warranty claim, you will forfeit any and all present and future warranties, as well as any costs incurred related to their purchase or shipping.


Kindly note that we do not currently offer guarantees / returns on CIRRUS formulations. 

How to log a return

If you think your device is defective, on the part of the manufacturer, kindly get in touch with us at our email below and our team will endeavour to assist you with a replacement.


1) Send an email to with the subject “Return Warranty”

2) Kindly include the following information in your email:

Please provide the following: 

    • Full Name
    • Order number
    • Collection address
    • Ideal collection time
    • Contact number


Please note: You will be required to cover any delivery charges ( ~R80) required to get the device to  CIRRUS  (Cape Town) or one of our representatives. This is a preventative measure to reduce abuse of warranty claims and will be refunded if your claim is valid.

Should CIRRUS deem the device defective with no evidence of misuse, the replacement warranty will be granted and a new device will be shipped to you (to an address within South Africa), and your shipping cost refunded.