Our mission.

plant-intelligent solutions

At CIRRUS we look to Nature for answers to our most pressing challenges. Turning our attention to the plant-kingdom in particular, we ask: what secrets lie within their deep, evolutionary history? 

To discover the unrealised potential of plants and their symbiotic relationship to humans is the driving desire behind our company and products.

Inspired by the evolutionary capacity of plants, CIRRUS and its associate laboratories undertake research and development of plant-derived formulations. We identify, study and extract the active ingredients of these plants so that they may be expressed through a diversity of products designed to enhance human health, productivity & wellbeing.

Our world-class associate laboratories are based in the Western Cape, South Africa and specialise in the development of functional botanical compounds.

Our Laboratories

Western Cape, South Africa

Our Products

Certified Organic & Safe

We believe that plants & their derivative compounds have potential to address many health-related issues. In fact, if used responsibly, they may even take us beyond ‘baseline’ to reach more optimal states of mind & body. 

In light of this, we ensure that: our ingredients originate from natural sources only, our production processes are certified Organic, and all ingredients used are on the FDA’s ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ list.

To read more about our flagship formulation, see CIRRUS Organic.