Enliven your space with CIRRUS plant compounds.

CIRRUS OrganicTM supports beneficial microbial ecosystems, inhibits mould & viruses in the air, and provides our bodies with immune-supporting compounds.
  • Protect Staff & Customers

    CIRRUS inhibits harmful bacteria, mould & viruses that may be present in your environment - *including Coronavirus.

  • Lower absenteeism

    CIRRUS decreases absenteeism by supporting your employee's immune systems.

  • Create an Aromatic Identity

    Cultivate positive associations & convey your brand identity via the air. CIRRUS crafts unique 'aroma logos' for businesses.

Virucidal testing at ILAC accredited laboratories (EN 14476 testing standard) demonstrates that the compound present in CIRRUS Organic inhibits SARS-CoV-2 at log 6.5 log reduction (>99.9999%) after 5 minutes.

Citrus flavonoids are also known to block cellular attachment of viruses inside the body, as well as to suppress inflammatory cytokines associated with late-stage Covid-19 complications. To find out more, visit our Science page.

CIRRUS creates environments for humans.

Interested in incorporating functional plant compounds to your business / hub?