From SMMEs to multinational enterprises,

CIRRUS creates optimal workplace environments

+ using advanced botanical compounds

CIRRUS Smart Diffusers & Botanical Extracts

Optimal, resilient workplaces.

Using advanced plant compounds.

CIRRUS develops natural, plant-based formulations backed by rigorous science, designed to imbue the air with functional plant compounds. Dispersed via our diffusers, our formulations encourage beneficial microbial ecosystems and provide our bodies with essential, life-affirming compounds.

Decades of peer-reviewed research indicates that our phytocompounds offer comprehensive immune support within the human body. In addition, independent laboratory results demonstrate broad-spectrum inhibition of pathogens such as bacteria, mold and viruses – including Coronaviruses.

Air +

The true cost of sick leave

Healthier employees means increased performance and less 'sick days'. By providing your staff with immune-boosting phytocompounds, CIRRUS helps your business save money. 

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Business Case Study (example)

In South Africa, a medium-enterprise with 50 employees will spend on average R12 million/year on salaries.

At a 7% absentee rate, the company will lose ↓R840'000 per year.

Decreasing absenteeism by just 3% results in a cost savings of:

↑ R 0 000
Per year

+ Aroma brand identity

Value-added service

Our brains’ memory, emotional and olfactory centres are all located in close proximity. This is why smells often trigger sudden, vivid memory recall even decades after an experience. With CIRRUS, brands have an opportunity to leverage this rich neural network by crafting unique olfactory environments.

As an optional value-add, our laboratory will work with you to craft your unique aromatic signature. 

CIRRUS Smart Diffusers & Botanical Extracts

Choose your aromatic identity

CIRRUSTM Smart Diffusers

Powered by functional plant compounds.

Order our flagship diffusers online in South Africa. For use with our advanced botanical formulations, containing rich plant extracts and essential oils.